How to Differentiate the Bad from the Good Fence Contractors?

How can you differentiate between a genuine fence contractor and a sham one? The task might be difficult, but not at all impossible. If you have the right information, then the whole process becomes extremely easy.

Voice Calls vs Real People

The first thing that you need to check is whether you are handed to a voice call every time you try to call them. If yes, then it will mean that you are actually on the verge of dealing with a company headed and managed by a single person. This fact, true to the core might become pretty difficult to deal with in the future.

When a company calls upon you and a real person behind the phone receiver tries to ask your requirements and sets an appointment date, it means that the company is interested to provide you with a great service in the future.

Are they Scheduling Accordingly?

The next important thing that you will need to make sure is whether the company works according to your schedule. If a company is not ready to work according to your preference, then you need to run away from the organisation altogether.

This indifference to negotiate shows off an attitude that might not even be comfortable to provide the services according to your preference and taste. If they start having their way from the start, then they won’t ever negotiate even in the future. Companies who fail in meeting deadlines and setting appointments shows an attitude that they can never complete projects on time.

Ask Them for a Showdown

Another practical way of distinguishing between genuine and fake companies is asking for a showroom visit. If the company in question cannot accommodate you in their showroom for a first time appointment, then it will mean that they don’t have one in the first place. It is better to stick to companies who can show you their work first hand and help you decide on the options that they provide their customers with every day.

Professionalism Talks

A company which has years of experience exuberates professionalism. If the company sends professionals to your place wearing casual dress and without business cards whatsoever, then it will mean that you are not relying on the right company after all. A company that employs professionals says a lot about the conduct they maintain at work.

Showing up late and then coming up with bogus excuses is another example of a fake company. The more they provide excuses, the worse the company emerges out to be in the future. A true professional is never late and that too when it comes to a client meeting.

Failing to Explain Simple Things

If the contracting company’s representative fails in making you understand very basic things like the difference between vinyl and pressure treated wood, then you need to understand that the company you are dealing with is an amateur one in fact. Only thorough professionals who deal with hundreds of customers every day and know the most basic details of fencing can be reliable in today’s date.

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5 Things You Can Expect from a Good Fencing Contractor

There are many things that you can always expect from a good fence contractor. However, we are going you to discuss 5 most important things that you can always expect from the perfect fence contractor. Failing any of these points will mean that the contractor in question is not ready to provide you with genuine service.

1. Professionalism

A company that fails to show true professionalism cannot be trusted entirely. Professionalism can be trusted through various degrees. For instance, you will need to see whether the company in question calls you at the promised time or whether they arrive on time at a scheduled meeting. All these things are always help you in considering whether the company you are about to associate with will maintain a sound professional environment in the future.

2. Written Estimates

Another essential thing that a fence contractor will always make sure to provide you with is a written estimate. An estimate includes intricate details such as labour and materials required for the fence contraction. The estimate will always provide you with necessary details and not just a fixed price amount. The warranty will also provide you with a certain warranty as well in case your fence needs to have some repair work in the future.

3. Aids in Taking Decision

You can always expect your contractor to help you in taking decisions. Instead of taking decisions on your behalf, you will find a good contractor always encouraging you to take the decision. They will ensure to support your views. Whether it is about considering a proper budget or committing to a certain design, a professional fence contractor will always ensure to give first preference to your decision.

4. Always Ready to Answer Every Question

Apart from listening to all your queries, a good fence contractor never fails in answering your questions. No matter how insignificant your question can be, the contracting representative as well as the people who would be taking care of the fence contract will ensure that you know every detail of the process. This might involve step-by-step guidance to each process.

5. Ensuring a Full Proof Plan

Almost all reputed fence contractors provide their clients with a fully equipped map beforehand. This map ensures that clients have a clear concept about the processes that will take place to construct a new fence in their lawns. If you find that your contractor is failing to provide you with a detailed plan, then assume that there is some lagging from their side of the table. The reason behind such a mishap can be either their inability to come up with well managed map or their inability to provide you with something they you require.


So, make sure to check all these five points the next time you are about to deal with a fence contractor. The above mentioned details are pretty basic and almost every company maintains to follow them as protocol. Do let us know if we have missed out on any point. 


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